• Secondary School Principal
  • "We were initially anxious about bringing in these young minds to shape the mentality of our kids. But now over a period of year this anxiousness has turned in to great excitement for our school, students and their parents. Their techniques and methodology is simply outstanding. Looking forward for many such years of association".

  • Parent of 14 year student
  • "Me and my husband have spent last six years trying to make our daughter disciplined for her eating and water drinking habits, but to no avail. One session of Shaping India on Physical and Mental health and she is now not only punctual and independent with her behavior and outlook towards food but is making us to follow the same regime".

  • Primary School Principal
  • "Simplest things are always ignored and taken for granted. We believe Shaping India has identified these simplest things that makes life complex on many occasion. The session on Personality Development, simply changed the body language and attitude of our students. The confidence and outlook towards studies have augmented many folds. Thankyou, Shaping India".

  • Secondary School student
  • "I wasn't confident to speak in front of known people. Now I am comfortable to speak in open forum. They also taught me about civic sense, stress and anger management and financial smartness. I want to be associated with them once I join my college".