"Larger than Life Leadership"
Small things that make a BIG difference

P.L.A.N 2017

Year on year, PLAN conclaves have been the most sought after events in the calendar year of the School Principals and Heads of Educational Institutions. The erudite group witnessed yet another off-beat and novel theme in January 2017

There are leaders and there are those who exercise leadership! The first is about a state of being, the latter about action. It's this idea that the 4th edition of the PLAN conclave delved and understood. A theme that examined the various facets of...

"Larger than Life Leadership"
small things that make a BIG difference

What makes a simple human being rise to the fullest capacity of "greatness"? What are the simple things great leaders do to become "larger than life"? The experience of the conclave too was "larger than life". And we know you wouldn't want to miss it for anything...AT ALL! Experiencing PLAN is the small thing that makes a BIG difference to the school leaders and therefore to the ecosystem of their schools!

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