Introduction of MOVS

Shaping India introduces “Movement & Me” Program for Schools starting June 2017.

Movement & Me is a form of an “Expressive Therapy”, that unites the body, mind and emotions through movement. It helps in developing 32 crucial life skills & values by enhancing the “ME” Quotient (Movement & Expressions).


Making Movement & Me an integral part of the Indian Education system by inculcating Body Movements and Expressions in School Campuses and making every individual aware of the “ME” quotient in them through Life skills & Values.

We believe … Movement is life & Expression is the essence of it!


  • What is M&M?
  • M&M is an acronym for Movement and Me. It is an expressive therapy that unites body, mind and emotions through movements.

  • Is it like learning a new Dance form?
  • No. It is understanding one's own body through Movement & Expressions.

  • What are the benefits?
  • One gets to imbibe crucial life skills and values through this program.

  • What key enhancements can one find in the trained individual, post this therapy?
  • Out of the many enhancements, following are a few mentioned below

    • More Active Body
    • Improved Brain Function
    • Enhanced Concentration
    • Enhanced Movement Vocabulary
    • Heightened Cognitive Ability
    • Right Thinking Skills
    • Augmented Body Percussion

  • Who is the program designed for?
  • It is designed for Students.

  • Who has designed this program?
  • Expert Psychologists, Movement Therapists & Educationists who are trained Movement therapists have together designed age appropriate programs.

  • Why Movement & Me?
  • Movement, benefits the brain before it does to the body. Hence this therapy would play a key role in treating physical, psychological, cognitive, and social issues.

  • Who are the M&M trainers?
  • Trainers are qualified movement specialists who are passionate about getting a positive change in children.

  • How will we know whether children are benefiting from this program?
  • Each Child goes through a specialised assessment throughout the year to monitor their progress.