Who we are?

Founder and CEO – Mr. Heemanshu Doshi, is a young talented professional holding an Advanced Master of Business Administration from Griffith University, Australia. He has worked across a varied range of industries like Real Estate, Entertainment, Education, Exhibition & Conferences and Media. An avid traveller, who has travelled across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America for professional and personal voyage. Exposure to such diversities has given him the vision to develop the professional and personal traits of individuals across various walks of life. He is also a Founder-Director of HD Brand Management Services.

Why are we doing this?

A human being should refer to a wide set of skill sets including knowledge, intelligence, health, attitude, social aptitude and empathy towards the fellow beings that should make him/her a productive member of the society and world at large. Perfect learning is a balance of classroom based teaching and practical learning. Keeping the above in mind, Shaping India engages and applies innovative and pragmatic solutions to groom students, teachers, parents and corporate personnel for their holistic character and attitude development through Facilitative Training and Strategic Consultancy.

Our Aim

We aim at producing and nurturing productive, responsible and empowered global citizens who have socially productive characters, values and skill set to foster innovation and employability in the mainstream tomorrow.